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Are You Struggling with Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is one of the most common eye conditions patients face worldwide and can happen for various reasons. Because of this, we use the latest in dry eye diagnosis technology to help ensure your eyes are getting the care you deserve.

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DEQ-5 dry eye questionnaire

SPEED questionnaire

OSDI questionnaire


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Dry Eye Causes

There are two root causes of dry eyes: inadequate tear volume and poor tear quality. Our eyes require a healthy, balanced tear film to stay lubricated. 

If we cannot produce enough tears, or the tears we do produce do not contain enough oil, water, or mucin, our eyes become dry and irritated.

Inadequate Tear Volume

Our tears are produced by several different glands, which are located in and around our eyelids. As we age, our eyes may not produce as many tears, which leads to dry eyes. Certain medical conditions and medications can also affect our ability to produce enough tears to keep our eyes lubricated.

Even if our eyelids can produce enough tears to meet our needs, environmental factors, such as a dry climate or wind, can cause our tears to evaporate too quickly.

Our tears are composed of three substances: an oil called meibum, water, and mucin. 

  • Meibum keeps our tears from evaporating too quickly by forming a thin, protective coating over the tear’s surface. 
  • Water helps keep our eyes hydrated and comfortable. If our tears evaporate too quickly, or our eyes cannot uniformly distribute our tears, it can cause dry eyes.

Mucin ensures that our tears form an even coating across the cornea.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye symptoms may include:

  • Red eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • A gritty or foreign body sensation
  • Sensitivity to light
  • A stringy discharge
  • Increased sensitivity to glare, particularly while driving at night

Cutting Edge Diagnostic Technology

TearLab Osmolarity

The Osmolarity System by TearLab is a diagnostic tool that allows your optometrist to analyze your tears’ makeup and determine which, if any, key component is lacking. This, in turn, helps us determine if your dry eyes are caused by insufficient tear volume or poor tear quality.

InflammaDry is a diagnostic test that is used to help us determine if you have dry eyes. This test detects elevated levels of MMP-9, which is an inflammatory marker that is typically high in patients with dry eye disease.

A comprehensive tool providing diagnostic information regarding your tear film. Idra offers us valuable information about your tear film’s oil content, tear meniscus, allowed us to quantify the evaporative process in your eyes, and gives us a visualization of your oil glands.

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