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Improve the Foundation of Your Vision

When you think about vision, you might be thinking about your vision’s clarity. However, what if the issue you’re experiencing comes from a functional problem in your visual system? What are your options for treating this?

Vision therapy is your opportunity to address functional problems with your vision. By having you perform various supervised exercises, you may improve the efficiency and functionality of your vision.

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What is Optometric Vision Therapy?

You can think of vision therapy kind of like physical therapy, but instead of focusing on your body, vision therapy focuses on your entire visual system, like your eyes, eye muscles, and brain.

Vision therapy sessions consist of optometrist-led visual exercises chosen depending on your symptoms and age. With these exercises, which trains your brain and visual system to work better together, you may improve learning-related vision skills, sports vision skills, and binocular vision skills.

What’s The Difference Between Visual Acuity & Vision Function?

Not everything about your vision depends on clarity. In fact, it is possible for someone to have 20/20 visual acuity but still have problems with the functionality of their vision. The 2 can be differentiated like this:

  • Visual acuity refers to how clear your vision is and can be assessed by testing you with a Snellen eye chart or phoropter.
  • Vision function refers to functions your eyes need to work properly, like eye tracking, focusing accuracy, depth perception, and more.

To train your vision’s functionality, our team will have you perform a range of different vision-focused exercises using instruments like prism lenses, balance boards, filters, computer programs, and more.

Find Out How Vision Therapy Can Help You!

If you’re interested in seeing how vision therapy can help you make the most of your vision, please book an appointment with our team today!

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