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Intense Pulsed-Light Therapy for Your Skin

Intense pulsed-light (IPL) therapy is a technique used worldwide to help manage dry eye symptoms caused by meibomian gland dysfunction, but its applications stretch much further than eye care.

Icon IPL is an incredible technology designed to target areas of the skin and keep you looking young and beautiful. Are you looking for a unique and innovative way to get your skin looking clear and beautiful? Please, book your appointment today!

What is ICON IPL Treatment?

ICON IPL treatment is a facial rejuvenation treatment designed to alleviate a wide range of skin concerns, including:

  • Facial blood vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Freckles

This treatment uses intense pulses of light to target dark or discoloured patches of skin caused by hemoglobin or melanin. This light gently and safely heats up and destroys specific chromophores, leaving you with fresh, even, and radiant skin!

ICON uses a controlled spectrum of light that sits above UV radiation, so you can rest assured that your skin is safe from UV damage.

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The ThreeForMe Treatment

ThreeForMe is a unique treatment exclusive to Icon laser treatment designed to help address 3 common skin issues; wrinkles, sun damage, and facial veins.

This very quick 30-minute treatment is performed in 2 very simple steps:

  1. Addressing discolouration and facial veins using IPL technology.
  2. Using innovative “microbeam” technology, collagen and elastin production is stimulated in your skin, giving it the healthy, beautiful glow you are looking for!

For the best results, we recommend 1 to 3 treatment sessions. As your skin heals from the treatment, you may notice dark spots that flake off over a few weeks, but this is completely normal to the healing process.

The Treatment Process

What to Expect Before Treatment

Before treatment can begin, you will have to come in for a consultation to ensure that Icon is right for you and your skin. In some cases, medications, previous skin injections, or Fitzpatrick skin typing could affect your outcome or eligibility for ICON treatment, so please speak to your doctor before moving forward.

If you are a suitable candidate for Icon treatment, please discontinue using tanning beds and creams and ensure that your skin is protected from sun exposure for at least 4 weeks before your appointment. On the day of treatment, make sure you are not wearing any lotions or make-up as these could affect the outcome of the treatment.

The Icon 9 IPL tool is a handheld device that will glide over areas you wish to treat.

Before starting treatment, a gel will be applied to your skin to help keep you feeling comfortable during the rest of your appointment. You will also be provided eye shields to protect your eyes.

You may feel various sensations during treatment, like cooling from the gel and a slight rubber band-like snapping when energy is delivered to your skin. After the treatment, it’s not uncommon for patients to report that the treated areas feel warm.

Depending on the size of the area you wish to treat, the whole process may only take a couple of minutes! Once complete, a cooling gel may be applied to the treated areas to help keep you comfortable, but there is no need for any bandages or ointments.

After the treatment, it is not uncommon for patients to feel a sunburn-like sensation, plus redness and swelling, on the treated areas. However, these sensations typically dissipate over a couple of days. While your skin is healing, you may maintain your regular day-to-day activities, but make sure you use SPF 45 sunscreen or greater when you go outside to prevent sun damage.

For up to 3 weeks, your skin’s treated areas may darken and flake, but this is completely normal to the healing process. As these areas peel from your skin, vessels, spots, and freckles will fully or partially fade, leaving you with clear and beautiful-looking skin.

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