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Okotoks Eyecare is Moving!

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Doctors & Demolition: A Tale of Two Worlds Colliding

You may have already heard the exciting news — we’re moving! We plan to be in our new space by July 2020. We have been in our current space since 2004 and we are so grateful to say we have outgrown our little office!

The continued growth of our small, locally owned and operated business is all thanks to the support of you, our loyal patients and customers. We’re so thankful to have so many great patients. To better serve our patients with more services and more appointment availability, we knew we needed a larger office space.

When an opportunity presented itself to expand, grow, and renovate we had to take it! However, we have always loved our convenient location in the Cornerstone Shopping Plaza (and the proximity to Starbucks… we need our daily caffeine fix after all!) and were hesitant to leave the area, which is one reason why we put off moving in the past.

We count it as a huge blessing that we arenít moving far; the office space that we will soon call home is only one parking lot away from our current location! Our tentative grand opening is scheduled for July 2020 but we will keep you updated on every step of the renovation process here, so stay tuned.

Here are some pictures of the new office-to-be in all its demolition glory. Dr. Pitcher even had a hand in knocking down some of the previously existing walls!

Itís exciting to envision how this will all come together, and we canít wait for all our customers to see it! We are currently in the stages of mapping out how to utilize and maximize every inch of this space with our designers and engineers. This is the dreaming and planning stage.

Dr. Pitcherís dream for this practice is to help as many people as possible, to continue to reach practice goals, and to offer the latest advancements in ocular health and vision technology. As with any change, though we are thrilled and motivated for everything to come to fruition, there can be some nervousness and anticipation as we face the unknown and an adaptation period as we develop a new normal. However, change also pushes you to grow and that is why we canít wait to welcome you all to our new space! We will always be the same Okotoks Eyecare, just with a facelift!

Some words that have been guiding, fuelling and moulding our inspiration for this new space are: bright, modern, open, fresh, inviting, crisp, clean, welcoming, neutral colouring, bold, boutique, artistic, visually-appealing, unique, and family-friendly.

We draw inspiration from the close-knit and small town-feel of our community, and our greatest aspiration is to always provide compassionate eye care and excellent customer service. At the heart of our business is caring for our patients and their total eye health — this defines our core values. We will always strive to give back and support this community that we call home. We canít wait to continue to share this renovation journey with you!

Written by Dr. Mark Pitcher

Dr. Mark Pitcher earned his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah before he graduated with honours from the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo in 1992. He is a member of the National Optometric Honours Society and Beta Sigma Kappa (1989 to 1992). Following his optometric training, Dr. Pitcher earned his Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent Certification from the North Eastern State School of Optometry in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1993.
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