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The Biggest Eyeglass Trends for 2023

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2020: The Year of Vision

It?s 2020 and a big year for eyewear. With more designers entering the space and upping the ante of shape and colour profiles, there is more eyewear selection than ever before. A new frame is a fantastic way to reinvent your style or refresh your current look.  

So what?s trending for 2020? From round shapes to translucent frames to colour tints and filters, we give you the scoop on the latest fashion-forward eyewear styles this year.

Trending Frame Shapes


Round frames gained popularity in mid-2019 and show no signs of tapering off anytime soon. From Harry Potter to Steve Jobs, the influence of round glasses will continue well into 2020 for men and women alike. 

For 2023, round frames are popular in both classic, streamline metals and clear or pastel translucent acetate.

Cats-Eye Glasses

From their introduction in the 1930s, cats-eye glasses have never truly gone out of style. Standing the test of time as one of the most flattering frame shapes, they are reinvented each year with slight iterations that make them a fashion-forward statement. For 2020, look for translucent, angular plastic frames as well as thin metal variations.


Browline glasses are one of the most iconic retro designs and one that has been reinvented since their inception in the 1950s. Known today as ?hipster chic?, browline glasses come in a variety of shapes and colour choices. 

For 2020, the iconic shape is still a classic, but new variations including metal and acetate combinations and colour variations are right on-trend.

Double Bars

Double bars are another modern twist on vintage wire frames. This frame shape features a horizontal bar that goes across the brow bone, whereas in classic frames you would typically only have the bridge piece. Look for this style paired with timeless styles like aviators.

Girl wearing metal browline frames


You can?t go wrong with this classic shape as aviators continue to come back into fashion. Aviators are a great choice for sunglasses or try them in your glasses frames for a modern twist.

Oversize Square

Square frames are an eyewear staple, however, in 2023, look for oversized proportions and overly thick frames in an abundance of colour combinations and prints. 

Wide Arms

In contrast to the thin, wire frames we’ve been seeing over the past few years, wider-armed glasses are coming into style. These bold frames seem to be paired with rectangular glasses most often, putting a modern twist on a classic 90s shape.


For 2023, the sky is the limit and every colour of the rainbow is in full style. An abundance of colour is being introduced for spring in modern colour and material combinations.


girl wearing modern transparent frames

Transparent frames surged in 2019 and show no sign of slowing down. From clear to light pastels and metallics, transparent frames can be found in an array of styles, from cat’s eye to round for 2023.


Always a popular choice and a fun ?neutral?, tortoiseshell frames are still popular with men and women, and increasingly so with children who opt for a more mature look. 

In 2023, look for the classic patterns as well as new the introduction of new colour combinations and patterns that offer a fresh look. 

Red & Black

Red and black frames are set to be the most popular colours of 2020. Touted as the? new neutrals? these colours offer both a pop of colour as well as a time-honoured classic look. 


Rose gold is remaining ever-popular, but the classic yellow-gold is having its moment, too. Gold frames give a sophisticated look and pair great with vintage glasses shapes like round frames.


Colour Wash Tints 

First gaining popularity in the 1980s, colourful tints are back in full force 2023. While the colour saturations are lower – today, only a hint of colour is trending – tinted lenses are making a comeback.

Also known as? colour wash?,  watch for slight pink, yellow, and blue tints in an array of frame styles throughout 2023.

glasses with pink colour tint

Blue Light Filters

Due to the rising popularity of digital devices, many people are experiencing digital eye strain, dry eye, and a host of side effects from digital screen over-use.

Blue light filters will continue to gain traction in 2023 as more and more research regarding the effects of blue light continues to be studied.

Other Trends

Eyeglass Chains

Eyeglass chains aren’t just for your parents or grandparents anymore. These practical accessories are becoming a fashion statement in their own right. Double up on trends and pair your glasses with a gold chain.

Trends in eyewear are always changing, but at the end of the day, the most fashionable glasses are ones you wear with confidence. Visit the opticians at Okotoks Eye Care for expert advice, so your glasses not only help you feel your best but help you see your best, too.

Written by Kaitlin McAlpine

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